Saturday, 9 July 2016

Windows Server 2016 will be released within this year but unfortunately very late, there is no confirmed date of when but assurance was given it will be this year. Windows server 2016 TP5 has alot of new features introducing Nano server that is only in a small .vhd of around 500MB giving you under 10Seconds boot and save on bandwith and resources.

Windows Server 2016 will fix what was broken within Windows Server 2012 R2. And yes with that there will be new windows server 2016 MCSA exams including the beta exams to be released soon within next couple of months.

New post will arrive with the new exam info.

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Windows 10 exam 70-697 has provided a lot of problems given that all study material that is not valid, we are busy looking at solutions. Till thus far out of 1000 users surveyed we found that only 30% has passed meaning a total of 300 out of 1000 has passed.

The exam does include the following:

Office 365
and our favorite Intune

Please take caution when you want to write 70-697 make sure you know all the material.

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