Friday, 27 March 2015

How To Stop From Getting The Blue Screen Of Death Every time

Now if you are reading this you probebly have seen this before and if you did not then continue to reed.

Now the blue screan of death is caused by many things and here is a couple of them:

*Faulty Ram
*Faulty HDD
*Faulty or incorect installation of some software and hardware.

These are just some of the causes but the easiest to fix.

If you see the message above or any other error related message in BLUE directly or afther a few hours of installing ram or a software and it does this its called your PC Crashed in many cases its fatal but with Ram or a software that is installed incorrectly its very easy to fix:

Remove the ram and test if that helps ( IF it does take back the ram andtell them you get a BSOD " short for blue screen of death" )

If you installed software and it does this follow the steps:

Boot in recovery mode ( it should go into recovery with no problems )
Remove the application or software or shange the setting back to normal.

Hope it helps you keep your PC on and working again.

Leave a comment with a problem you have encountered and i will see to fixing it and give you a solution.


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