Friday, 27 March 2015

How To Stop Any Program To Send Messages Or Data To Its Manufactures ( OUTBOUND RULES )

In many cases developers will use this feature to block there software and to test if it will send signals and data to the manufacturing server, Almost all software sends data to the manufacturing servers and is commonly about system crashes, locations and subscription statuses.

Outbound Rules:

Outbound Rules is the connection from a application to the server of manufacturing you can use this to block communication but just for the application to send data to the manufacturer the manufacturer will still be able to send you data but not receive data.

You can block the following:

*A program itself
*Or a certain Port Number

For now we will be using the program itself.

Steps to block a program from sending data:

*Go to control panel
*Go to system security
*Go to windows firewall
*Go to Advance settings on the left side
*Go to outbound rules on the left side
*Go to New Rule on the right side
*Select Program and next
*Then insert the program path ( normally the application that opens the program ) for example the .exe file ( C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC.exe )

* and then select next to finish and your done

If it did not work for contact me immediately.


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