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Most teenagers spend their time on a computer and forget about life outside but as you grow older you want to move away from you old machine that always overheats and is so slow, now here are some stuff and tips to keep in mind when building a custom Gaming PC.

*Make sure all your part are compatible with your motherboard and will fit in the case.
*Have at least 8GB RAM ( Some games will still lag with 8GB of RAM ).
*Have at least 2GB GPU ( No this is just for small gamers not hardcore for them you will probebly say 4GB is the requirement but it costs way too much )
*If you can use SSD ( This \will make everything even faster )
*And the most important off all i recommend I7 processor 3.4GHz or higher.
*Have Enough case fans for support of heat released while intensive processing of components.

Maintenance Of your Gaming PC:

- Clean it every 3 moths to get rid of dust.
- change your GPU and CPU thermal paste every 6months.
- Delete old unused games.
- Update all device drivers and graphics drivers.
- Replace case fans every year ( or as soon as your Pc starts to heat up abnormally than usual )

Now as i mentioned is that make sure your motherboard is compatible with all hardware, cleaning and updating is caring and safes your Computer.

This is just some of them and some maintance examples but this is the most basic.

Comment if you have more information for the readers tell them what they can do and your experiences.
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Lucky Patcher 5.5.3 released on 26 march 2015 is now available here on Pcrevolutiontech, download the lucky patcher app and patch anything for example: Patch VCE, Patch Candy Crush and many more it also comes with custom patches that can be installed on apps and it also removes  advertisements on apps.

Here is some extra information:

Download Lucky Patcher 5.5.3 Now Mediafire link:


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Friday, 27 March 2015

In many cases developers will use this feature to block there software and to test if it will send signals and data to the manufacturing server, Almost all software sends data to the manufacturing servers and is commonly about system crashes, locations and subscription statuses.

Outbound Rules:

Outbound Rules is the connection from a application to the server of manufacturing you can use this to block communication but just for the application to send data to the manufacturer the manufacturer will still be able to send you data but not receive data.

You can block the following:

*A program itself
*Or a certain Port Number

For now we will be using the program itself.

Steps to block a program from sending data:

*Go to control panel
*Go to system security
*Go to windows firewall
*Go to Advance settings on the left side
*Go to outbound rules on the left side
*Go to New Rule on the right side
*Select Program and next
*Then insert the program path ( normally the application that opens the program ) for example the .exe file ( C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC.exe )

* and then select next to finish and your done

If it did not work for contact me immediately.
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RAM is the component no PC can go without, it is believed that RAM is the key to a fast and smart PC.

RAM is a essential part of the computer and it completes the processing of all data and windows operations, ram opens the file and runs it true the ram and therefor when there is too little ram the computer gets slow and can in many cases crash.

I recommend at least 4GB of RAM because Normally for Windows 7/8/8.1 i will say 2GB will be fast enough for the OS and the other 2GB can be for games and other applications.

With too little ram you could run into serious problems and in many cases loose you data on you HDD due to system crashes and files getting corrupt and many other serious problems.
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Ready Boost is a software designed by microsoft and implemented from earlier versions of windows for the sole purpose of give you a solution to supstitute RAM with a USB.


What i mean by that is that when a computer runs with 1GB or 2GB or ram and you use ready boost it will make a defference even if RAM is 100x faster than the speed will be of your USB. Ram will still be the best option but when you dont have the money rather use your USB.

When i reffer to USB i mean flash Drive:

For this to work you will need the following,

*Atleast a 1GB Flash Drive
*The Flash Drive Must Be Compatible With Ready Boost.


*Ready boost is already a Feature on your machine that can be used.
*Go and format you Flash drive to exFat.
*Right Click on the Flash drive
*Go to Ready Boost.
*Cnfigure It as in the picture on top if you have 1GB/1024 MB please say 900MB. Or use the default amount.

Restart your PC and your good to go faster.

Doing this on a computer with ram more that 4GB can even slow down your PC but wont give you noticeable faster results so use it on systems slower than 4GB.

Don't forget to drop a comment bellow:

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Now if you are reading this you probebly have seen this before and if you did not then continue to reed.

Now the blue screan of death is caused by many things and here is a couple of them:

*Faulty Ram
*Faulty HDD
*Faulty or incorect installation of some software and hardware.

These are just some of the causes but the easiest to fix.

If you see the message above or any other error related message in BLUE directly or afther a few hours of installing ram or a software and it does this its called your PC Crashed in many cases its fatal but with Ram or a software that is installed incorrectly its very easy to fix:

Remove the ram and test if that helps ( IF it does take back the ram andtell them you get a BSOD " short for blue screen of death" )

If you installed software and it does this follow the steps:

Boot in recovery mode ( it should go into recovery with no problems )
Remove the application or software or shange the setting back to normal.

Hope it helps you keep your PC on and working again.

Leave a comment with a problem you have encountered and i will see to fixing it and give you a solution.
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