Saturday, 17 January 2015

Get latest VCE Dumps free via PDF full free

VCE has blocked everyone using the app illegally and we are all pretty much stuck. Now most people wont be able to prepare for their exams and so the exams will then get less popular and the world will become less exiting.

So here is our proposal: we are going to launch a site in February or March depending If we can get the funds as soon as possible.

We already have the server to hold the website and data but we need to do maintenance, buy the correct domain name bundles, security upgrades and many many more.

We have estimate the cost for the website to be $50-$100 a month. With this amount we will be able to keep the website running and to make sure backups will be available.

The website will contain all latest PDF dumps converted from vce files For FREE!!!!!.

Here is the bad news we have to buy the Avanset software every year to test the exams and convert them to PDF for you to download free.

So we need an estimate of $500 to start the site, buy software`s and to setup our services brought to you for free.

We are now launching a campaign to raise the funds via PayPal as donations.

We would like you to donate any amount from $2 to PayPal account so we can start with the site.

Remember if you donate we can keep the site free and you can start soon in a month or two downloading your exams via PDF.

We plan to make it free Forever as long as we get our targets of donations. So please send us any amount via PayPal to build the network.

We are also going to work with programers to create a freeware software to simulate exams but for now we can only do PDF`s in exam format.

Trust if you want/or struggle finding other solutions.


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