Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Symantec Data Loss Prevention v12.1.5 Read Nfo ISO

Description: Discover, monitor, protect and manage your confidential data wherever it’s stored and used – across endpoints, mobile devices, network and storage systems – with the market-leading data loss prevention solution from Symantec.

  • Cloud Prevent for Microsoft Office 365 enables businesses to accelerate cloud adoption by monitoring and protecting cloud email sent from Microsoft Exchange Online.
  • Single Server Installation support enables you to deploy the Enforce platform, detection servers, and database on a single physical server for branch offices or small organizations, and lowers hardware and maintenance costs.
  • Data Insight Self-Service Portal enables business data owners to review and remediate network file policy violations through an easily accessible web page, and streamlines the incident remediation process.
  • Endpoint Agent discovers data on endpoints running Mac OS X; monitors events on endpoints running Microsoft Windows 8.1; monitors virtual desktops and applications hosted by VMware View and Microsoft Hyper-V; monitors data transferred through the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol.
  • Endpoint Communications allow more endpoint agents to connect to endpoint servers and improve system scalability.
  • Endpoint Indexed Document Matching evaluates documents for exact content matches on endpoints in real-time and provides greater control over data use when users are off the network.
  • Enforce Platform provides more flexible endpoint agent group configuration and enhanced agent health status reporting.
  • Exact Data Matching enhancements increase the accuracy of data loss policies that look for fingerprinted data.
  • Mobile Email Monitor detects confidential email downloaded by users to Android and iOS devices over the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, and provides greater visibility into BYOD.
  • Network Monitor detects confidential data sent over the new version of the Internet Protocol, IPv6.
Size: 5.10 GB

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