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Adobe CC InCopy 2014 for windows was released in both 32bit and 64bit we had broblems with 64bit format but we know that the 32bit works. Remember a free adobe account will be needed to use this software, Cracks for this software will be released soon so it will be limitless and free and full. feel free to download it directly from our site, for information around the latest updates and features in this software please visit adobe`s site.

Download Adobe CC InCopy 2014 For Windows: 32Bit
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Adobe CC InDesign 2014 is brought to you from the latest release of in design for 2014 we have decided to put this one also into the collection of the Graphics design portal on this site. Feel free to download directly from this site. For more intense information about the updates and features of this release please visit the adobe site.

Remember you need a free account to use this software we will upload Cracks soon for all the Adobe Graphics Design software's.

Download Adobe CC InDesign 2014: 32Bit
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Adobe CC illustrator 2014 was released in 2014 and it is the latest one out in the market till the next release because of technology that is unpredictable we can not say when the next release will occur So this is the 32Bit version of this great adobe system, for more information about updates and features released in this version please visit the adobe site.

Download Adobe CC Illustrator 2014: 32Bit
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Now For the long awaited uploads of Adobe CC 2014 version are now being uploaded to the site as you are reading this. This one will be the Adobe CC Photoshop 2012 for windows in a 32 Bit Version, For more information on the software itself and the new features in this version please visit the original Adobe site for indeph update and feature knowledge. We provide you with download source of the software and there is just not enough time to type every new feature.

Download Adobe CC Photoshop 2014: 32Bit
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Microsoft office 2003 was the first of the of the office series with the most worth until the newer ones released in 2007/2010/2013  Now as you can see or noticed that some people or lets say 30% of the office users still use office 2003 because its the easiest of them all and it is reliable. All download links are direct, Virus free, Survey free and adds free to make things more easy for the users.

Download Microsoft Office 2003: 32Bit
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Microsoft office bringing you the the tools to do what ever you want weather it is doing your budgets on Excel or creating company databases for easy information in Access this is the software for you. This software was developed by Microsoft and there are also a previous version available Microsoft Office 2003 and then there are 2 newer versions of office for windows Microsoft office 2010/2013. I hope you will like the free instant download links.

Download Microsoft Office 2007: 32Bit

All links are from their original source.

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Microsoft office 2010 professional is very great this was the first office with real improvements from the release this was the foundation for Microsoft Office 2013 Professional.

Download Microsoft office 2012 professional: 32Bit    64Bit
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Microsoft office 2013 professional is the perfect and latest release from Microsoft office releases. Microsoft Office is one of the best products delivered in the world for opening documents and personal use.

Microsoft Office 2013 Pro has a lot of different features and updates with new icons and templates.


Download Microsoft Office 2013 Professional:  32Bit    64Bit

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For the most of the time everyone gets stuck on the conflict between the two Microsoft and apple but it just not true they offer different contend but there must be always competition. But This Microsoft Office 2008 is build esspecially for MAC Operating Systems.

Download Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac: Download

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Windows server 2012 R2 Essentials only contains the most critical and most used featyures that will be used but other features can be enabled or download from the Microsoft page for a price or for free. IT is important to consider the cost and size of your business or company. this version costs much less than the Datacenter platform.

Download Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials: 64Bit

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter contains all features of the windows server 2012 collection and is then the best one for companies and big businesses for ultimate use. It is also very expensive.
This download will give you windows server 2012 R2 Datacenter but use it as you please i reccomned using it in Hyper-V. But it is the same when you virtualize it or use it in company.

You will get a 180 Days free after it will say its not genuine but there is keys and tools to delete these messages and make it a legal copy. Or when in a company you then just have to buy the license for a price determined by Microsoft to make it a legal copy for Copyright laws in a company.

All links are from microsoft and direct downloadable from this site:

Download Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter: 64Bit

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Microsoft SQL server 2012 is for more than just managing databases and company files it has much more advance features and capabilities. I Strongly recommend having Windows SQL server 2012 in your company or business.

Now The download will not be direct since you wioll have to choose 32Bit or 64Bit and additional features you will require if you want. The download will be from the microsoft site but it will be fast as we only deliver fast speeds and download links.


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Windows XP not the first Microsoft operating system it is for me when the best Microsoft operating systems started and from then on they did not disappoint.

Download Windows XP SP3: 32Bit

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Windows server 2008 is basically a super upgrade from the windows server 2003 platform with loads more features and software's that is now compatible. It also comes in both 32Bit and 64Bit Operating Systems.

Working 100% no errors recorded and everything is fast.

Download Windows Server 2008 R2: 32Bit     64Bit

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So We have brought you taday the creat MAC OS X 10.8 Mountain lion for free even tough its free on the aplle store if you are a member of a MAC OS. Now this one has some problems but what i heard is when you play around you will fix the problems on your own.

List off problems:

*Error Username and Password on some machines and networks.
*Connection Errors

But everything works when you fix this problems.

We tried to fix it and there is still around 1% of the people experiencing this problems but it should be working for you.

Download Mac OS X 10.8: Download

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Mac OS X 10.7 With new feature including airdrop and ichat is the upgraded version of MAC OS 10.6 now leopard.


Download Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Download

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There is really nothing to say about this MAC OS its totally much better and much more secure then the previous OS 10.5.

Recommended For Intel Processors;

Download MAC OS X 10.6: Download

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Now i just know a few of my friends had tried this software from the link i provided and they said they managed to download it without any problems and they had a fun time playing with this version released in 26 october 2007 that was very nice now before it you got tiger and tiger was very nice but this one has over 300 changes made since the release of the MAC OS X 10.4 Tiger.

As we could gather from this instalation .dmg file is that it can be burned to a disc and used to install by using PowerISO or other tools.

Problems Encountered:

*We are struggling to make it work on the AMD processors but works Fine on the INTEL processors.

Download MAC OS x Snow Leopard 10.5.4: Downlaod

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Windows server is basically a management software that you use to manage the windows client machines in the company or business. A server OS is used to create domains, manage client machines, manage IP addresses and doing backups of client machines.

Windows Server 2003 R2:

Download windows server 2003 R2:  32Bit

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Windows 10 as i said it was released but i was talking about the technical preview, now to understand what i am saying is that this Windows 10 downloads will be the full downloads and there is no problem on it and it wont crash your computer. But it is recommended to buy the windows or to upgrade for free after the release date next year 2015.

Remember this is the full windows 10 released for those people who want to test it and want to learn how it works before release date so it can be implemented to there business or company after the release date in 2015.

There is no need to stress if it will work or not i have tested it and it works fine and better than the windows 8.1 and windows 8.

There is a lot of changes made to the system of windows 10 and loads of more features and better user accessibility and user interface.

There may be some small changes made from this release until the next release but it can be updated in the future.

Download links from Microsoft:

English US:   32Bit   64Bit
English UK:  32Bit   64Bit
Chinese (Simplified): 32Bit   64Bit
Portuguese (Brazil):  32Bit   64Bit

Hash Value:

64Bit to 32Bit in the order of the languages from above:


Product key for the installation not for activation.


There will be keys released and software's to activate your windows from the release date in 2015 but till then it will work fine.

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Windows 8.1 is an upfraded version of windows 8 that is the new windows but windows 10 is soon to be released. Now the windows 8.1 pro has almost all the features needed to have a fast and reliable and stable operating system.

The windows 8.1 Pro has the following updated features from windows 8:

*Increased Security
*New Start Button

And many more.

Download it strait from microsoft.

Download Windows 8.1 Pro: 32Bit  64Bit

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Windows 7 Ultimate The last of the windows 7 series of operating systems was the best one so far. But with windows 8 and windows 8.1 there was really no competition between windows 7 and 8, for me windows 7 would have won the fight but with new features and new technologies new software's needs to be released in the world.

Windows 10 will have the same design off windows 8.1 and windows 7 ultimate combined so stay tuned for this new exiting operating system.

Our System requirements for windows 7 ultimate:

Memory: 2GB
HDD Space: 20GB
CPU: 1.8GHZ up.

That`s all you will need to run this operating system.

Download Windows 7 Ultimate: 32Bit    64Bit

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File Name: Backtrack 5 R2.ISO

File Size of 32 Bits: In ISO (2.66 GB)
File Size of 64 Bits: In ISO (2.7 GB)
Architecture : 32 Bits/64 Bits
Download Type : Direct ( Full Fast Links No Waiting Time )

Images and Links Are Not Hosted By The Web Owner Or Admins We Are Sharing Whats On The Web.

Download Backtrack 5 R2: 32Bit    64Bit

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